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LPK008 – Moodwax – Starships and Rockets EP

Moodwax is back on the label with a full EP!

Bangkokian mate Sunju Hargun AKA Moodwax composed these 3 very nice tracks for Lepton Quark. Spacey, atmospheric arrangements always coming with irresistible beats. You can’t go wrong.




Laurent Garnier: I love Space Between Us, will play this one everywhere!! Thanks!
Ian O’Donovan: I like Space Between Us Thank you
Guy J: Hoiler Woom is my pick, thanx good luck
Dubfire: My fav is Mangolisa, thank you!
Claudio Cocolutto: Nice tracks all
Wankelmut: Nice, smooth and deep – thanks!
Onsunlade: Sexy!
Tensnake: Love Space Between Us, thanks, downloading for Tensnake
Paul Hazendonk: Hoiler Woom is quite cool!
Timo Maas: Downloaded for Timo Maas, thanks
Todd Bodine: Nice and deeeeep. Hoiler Woom for me, thanks
Animal Trainer: Whatta journey while listening to Space Between Us…Like this one
Angel Molina: « Space Between Us » reminds me somehow Orbital 90′s stuff. Not what I play, but nice to listen to. thanks.
Noah Pred: Really feeling the first two tracks
Manou De Jean: Great stuff!!
Patrick Zigon: Space Between Us is great!
Radio – Mystic Vibes: Superb sounds around here. Get it quickly!!
Radio – Mutant Disco Radio Show: Space Between Us is lovely, thanks!
Radio – AMDJS St-Petersburg: Mangolisa is tight and groovy, thanks
Radio Fritz (Bruno Dietel): Mangolisa is awesome!
Radio Calin aka Catastrophic: Cool sounds here, thank you
Radio Diversions, CHRY FM Toronto: Great sounding release full of wonderful atmospheres and floaty

LPK007 – Thesee – The Thread EP


Say hello to Thesee, a french producer based in Paris who’s always had a melodic approach to techno. We can feel the detroit sound influences. His melodies will bring you into his universe evolving around ancient tales greek mythology (Theseus):

Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/release/the-thread-ep/1185642

Claudio Coccoluto « nice release »
Ian O’Donovan « Thank you I like Fundamental Harmonics reshape »
Elektrosalz « will try all trax, thanx! »
Kisk « cool vibes, thanks »
Marquez Ill « Ariadne’s Thread and Pharmacon (Fundamental Harmonics Reshape) work for me. Like it a lot! Thanks »
Mickey Zhang « Ariadne’s Thread is my fav, thanks! »
Simon Beeston « Fundamental Harmonics Reshape mix is sweeeeet. Play »
Slam Mode « Feelin’ this vibe…well done. »
Sophie Nixdorf « Downloading for Sophie Nixdorf. Thanks for good music! »
Stefanos Nosak (offradio.gr) « nice release thank u ! »
Radio – 1Live – Klaus Fiehe « Favorite Track: Pharmacon lovely tunes, wicked synth-melodies (A1)…my cup of tea! »
Radio – Altroverso (DJ Misk) »playlisted in altroverso radio »
Radio – Diversions, CHRY.FM Toronto » diggin’ the sonically dynamic original mixes here – Ariadne’s Thread is my fav! »
Magazine De:Bug – Sascha Kosch « considering for review »
Magazine – Tsugi Mag « Pharmacon for me »

Laurent Garnier talks about Fundamental Harmonics in his radioshow

Laurent Garnier supports Lepton Quark!!


In his infamous weekly radioshow on french radio « Le Mouv », the french godfather of techno talked about Fundamental Harmonics and announced the release of latest EP « Thermodynamics »!! Big up!!!


Listen to the snippet  « It Is What It Is » S05#02 from september 2013:



« Thermodynamics EP » supported by Mutant Disco Radio Show









Leri Ahel supports « Disorder Entropy » from our latest release « Thermodynamics EP » LPK006 in Mutant Disco Radio Show #137.


Mutant Disco Radio Show airs weekly on following radio stations:

Mix People FM (Spain – 107.0 Fm Alicante – 91.2 Fm Benidorm) Wednesday 9-10 pm

Radio 808 (Croatia) Friday 10-11 pm

Radio Studio B (Serbia – 99,1 MHz – 100,8 MHz – 105,4MHz) Sunday 11-12 pm

Facebook page:



01. Credit 00 – Ice cream (Uncanny valley promo)

02. Creepy autograph – Mind image made (Metaphysix promo)

03. Markus Gibb – Broken (Split secs remix) (Clouded vision promo)

04. Remote – Minos (Meant promo)

05. Art Bleek – Rythme sombre (Eevo Next promo)

06. What if – Deap sea (Lost my dog promo)

07. Innershades – Nina at The Boiler room (Creme organization promo)

08. Hans Thalau – 019-1 (Thal communications promo)

09. Heitzberg Theorem – Gamma waves taste nice (Compost black label promo)

10. Fundamental harmonics – Disorder entropy (Lepton Quark promo)

Martin Eyerer supports Moodwax « Scene for Scene »


Cool!! Martin Eyerer likes Moodwax « Scene for Scene », track released on Lepton Quark 005 « Commune EP ».



He played it in his Kling-Klong radioshow, here it is at 32 min:



01 Solomun Yesnomaybe Diynamic
02 Miguel Campbell Beams of light Hot creations
03 Jens Bond Healer (Ray Okpara Rmx) Highgrade
04 Julien Chaptal & Lauhaus Watching you Supplement Facts
05 Arram Mantana Mama Said (Abba) (Okain Rmx) Plan74
06 Moodwax Scene for Scence LPK
07 Kindimmer Bprick Diaphan
08 Heinrichs & Hirtenfellner Sunrise Supdub
09 Darlyn Vlys Soho Nights (Whyt Noyz Rmx) Terminal M

Music Video for « Event Horizon » featured in Stigmart

Korean visual artist Jung-Chul Hur directed the music video for Fundamental Harmonics « Event Horizon » LPK003.

The video has been picked by Videofocus 2013 and presented on 4 pages in Stigmart with an interview of Jung-Chul about his abstract work for « Event horizon »

You can read it page 36 in the online magazine:



Watch the music video on youtube, turn the 720p on, switch your lights off for a psychedelic trip:




Laurent Garnier supports Lepton Quark « Commune EP »

We’re very glad that the grandmaster of Techno, Laurent Garnier himself, supports our latest release!

In his mix for Electronic Groove, Laurent spins Fundamental Harmonics & Moodwax « Black Cicada » at 32 minutes.

Check out his mix here:


Fundamental Harmonics& Moodwax « Black Cicada » LPK005 on Beatport


By the way he plays in the same mix another Fundamental Harmonics track, Network Inhibition, which you certainly have heard before if you’re a fan of Garnier.

Anyway many many thanks for the strong support, Mille mercis Lolo!!!!

LPK004 « Cloud of Shapes » released

lpk004_artwork small

Lepton Quark presents LPK004, Digital Release

19 March exclu on whatpeopleplay.com

26 March 2013 Beatport, Juno& Other outlets


Fundamental Harmonics “Cloud Of Shapes” EP

01 Cloud Of Shapes 08:33

02 Bubble And Loops 08:30

03 Alpha Nebula 07:59




Jesse Rose « Nice One! »
Slam « Liking this, will try out, thanks guys »
Brother’s Vibe « Cloud Of Shapes for me, thanks »
Luca Doobie « bubbles&loops is a perfect « joyful hands-up last track », i’ll try that out soon! ;) L »
Mihalis Safras « Cloud Of Shapes for me, thanks »
Mystic Vybes (Mike Stukes) « Spatial Greatness »
Claudio Coccoluto « Alpha Nebula for me »
Beatamines « Good job, will try it »
Marko Nastic « Support! »
G.DIGGER « I Love Clouds Of Shapes, Yeah! »
Slam Mode « Really diggin’ this one, well done »
De:Bug Magazine « Considering for review »
Tsugi Mag  » Alpha Nebula for me »
Radio NOICE  » Very cool workable tracks »
Summer (Brendon Collins)  » Very nice, thanks for sending »


Stay tuned!!! 

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